What Was the Last Show I Saw?

The last time I saw a show was “Kinky Boots” on Broadway last May.

At the time, Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco was starring. That is my favorite band, so I was entering the ticket lottery every single day. On May 30, I found out I won tickets for the evening show the next day! I begged my mom to let me go, and she bought me the tickets as my birthday present, since my birthday was in a few days.

Brendon Urie as Charlie Price

I went with my boyfriend, and it was a great experience. We had box seats, so we were right up to the action. It was also my boyfriend’s first Broadway show, which made it a lot of fun.

Aside from my favorite singer being in it, the show itself was fantastic. “Kinky Boots” is such a fun and uplifting show. When I saw the show, my dad was in the middle of what would be a month-long hospital stay due to chemotherapy complications. For two hours and 20 minutes, I forgot all of that. That is what I love about theatre. It is so nice to have that escapism, even for a short period.

Brendon Urie did a great job as Charlie Price. His rendition of “Soul of a Man” was one of those truly electrifying theatre experiences that are so rare. He was not the only good thing in the show, though. J. Harrison Ghee as Lola was hilarious and heartwarming. The ensemble was fantastic. Overall, this show is fun, but also emotional and moving. Cyndi Lauper’s pop score is bright and brings so much to the story. In fact, before I saw the show, back when it first opened on Broadway, I listened to the cast album frequently.

“Kinky Boots” is a great show that honestly can appeal to anyone. It is captivating with a wonderful message: “You change the world when you change your mind”.

Our view of the stage!

It was a great day! And some random guy asked to take our picture. We have a pretty unique look!

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