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Do Musical Streams Translate to Real Life Ticket Sales?

Although we are seeing more musicals available for streaming, the vast majority of the musical theatre canon is unavailable outside of seeing the shows live. The most-used argument by Broadway producers against filming and releasing musicals is that of profit. That is, most producers are afraid that having a show readily available to watch will lead to revenue losses as people will choose to stay home to watch a musical instead of going to the theatre. And while we could discuss the problems with this argument, such as its inherent classism, the fact is this is the way things are right now. That is why most shows for streaming are released after the show has closed on Broadway.

Now, Hamilton has come and change everything. Even though Broadway is shut down for now, Hamilton is technically still running. So, now you can see one of the most popular and expensive musicals for $6.99 a month…but people are still interested in buying tickets, according to a recent survey done by TodayTix.

Turns out, this old idea of releasing a musical on film cheapening the experience may not be true. 38.6% of those surveyed who streamed it are now more likely to buy tickets to Hamilton.

This TodayTix survey also revealed that 81% of people who streamed Hamilton on Disney+ would pay to watch another filmed version of a Broadway or West End show. Plus, 78% of TodayTix users surveyed all around the world will still watch streamed shows when theatres open up. And when live theatre is back, 72% say they will still buy tickets to a streamed show.

When it comes to theatre, we’re definitely still in the early stages of streaming. And it will be interesting to see how these survey results are reflected in real life when theatre eventually does return in its live form.

As I mentioned before, I personally believe the argument that live theatre is special and therefore cannot be filmed to be classist. While I adore live theatre (clearly) and do agree that it is special, it is not a strong enough argument to justify keeping it locked to only people who live near NYC or in a touring area, are able to afford it or are otherwise part of the elite. There are so many theatre lovers out there who are unable to see professional live theatre. Theatre should absolutely be accessible to all, and streaming is helping it get there.

I hope as we go on that filming and releasing musicals grows in popularity. These numbers from TodayTix show that no matter what the platform, fans are eager to consume any form of theatre. And everybody should be able to watch theatre, no matter where they are.

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Is Disney+ Vying for King of Streaming Musicals?

Disney is a huge corporation that seems to be trying to control all aspects of the entertainment world, and its entry into the world of streaming is no different. While their streaming service, Disney+, has all the Disney animated movies and TV shows that you would expect, it seems like they are trying to take the crown in another media form: musicals.

You can already stream a couple of musicals on Disney+, whether it’s an existing movie musical, the Disney musical Newsies that was filmed live, or, of course, Hamilton. But did you know that Disney+ is currently working on adding more musicals to the service?

After Hamilton‘s massive success on the platform, Filmed on Stage reported that Disney+ is apparently planning on releasing their West End version of Aladdin as well. It was previously filmed and apparently Disney had planned on releasing it earlier this year, which changed because they decided to release Hamilton instead. A Disney representative confirmed that Aladdin had been filmed live, and that details of its broadcast will be coming soon. According to Filmed on Stage, the cast that was filmed in 2019 was composed of various cast members from different productions as well as Trevor Dion Douglas, who originated the role of the Genie in the West End.

But musicals filmed live are not the only way that Disney+ is attempting to corner the musical streaming market. Just days after the above news was revealed, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Disney+ is developing a live action adaptation of the 1990 musical that was turned into the 2017 hit revival, Once on this Island. Disney confirmed that this will be a traditional movie musical as a opposed to a stage recording. Playwright Jocelyn Bioh and director Wanuri Kahiu are already on the team, and Marc Platt (you may know him as producer of Wicked, or Ben Platt’s dad) is set to produce. We’ll have to wait for further details about casting and release dates, but so far it seems pretty exciting.

Whether you love or hate Disney, you have to admit that right now is an exciting time to be a theatre fan. With the two existing theatre streaming services (BroadwayHD and Broadway on Demand) and more services like Disney+ adding theatre content, things are looking great for those who love theatre and wish it to be more accessible. And now, after the massive success of Hamilton, we may begin to see even more theatre on streaming services as more companies realize there is a huge market here. I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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All Hail the Wonderstudies: The Best Understudies on Broadway

I have an infinite amount of respect for understudies. Seriously, they are some of the most versatile performers out there. To be able to learn the lines, blocking and choreography for multiple roles takes so much talent. I love when I go to a show to find out I’ll be seeing an understudy. They can often bring a new twist or different point of view to a show. Plus, some of the biggest stars had their humble beginnings as an understudy. These are a few of my personal favorite understudies I’ve been lucky enough to see.

  1. Khaila Wilcoxon (Eurydice, Hadestown)
See Exclusive Cast Photos for Hadestown on Broadway

Hadestown is one of my all-time favorite musicals, as well as one of the best I have ever seen. Part of this is because of Khaila Wilcoxon’s stunning performance as Eurydice. Her voice is insanely gorgeous, and her acting skills blew me away. Her singing alone brought me to tears and gave me goosebumps. Keep this girl on your radar – as soon as Broadway opens back up, she is without a doubt going places.

2. Christian Dante White (Cornelius, Hello Dolly)

Christian Dante White - Ensemblist Award Recipient — The Ensemblist

I have to admit, at first, I was disappointed I wasn’t going to see Gavin Creel…but then it was okay because Santino Fontana was filling in for him. Then to find out he wasn’t there either…but all my fears were instantly gone as soon as Christian Dante White started singing in Put On Your Sunday Clothes. Seriously, I got chills from his first line. This man has one of the most beautiful singing voices I have ever heard. This is another name I’m sure we’ll be seeing in a few years, nominated for a Tony Award.

3. Aaron Walpole (Jean Valjean, Les Mis)

Assistant Sound Engineer Scott Anderson does a pre-show check for ...

He was Ramin Karimloo’s alternate in the 2014 revival of Les Mis. And oh my god, what a voice! Just insanely talented. Now this was a few years ago, but I remember Walpole’s voice causing one of the biggest, longest standing ovations I’ve ever witnessed in a theatre. Honestly this revival was a gift in general and not enough people appreciated it but that’s a discussion for another post.

4. Deon’te Goodman (George Washington, Hamilton)

Stage of Life: Deon'te Goodman '16 - UNCG Magazine

This is the part of the blog where I flex about seeing Hamilton on Broadway. I mean, it was in Summer 2019 but I still saw it! And I loved every second of it. I wasn’t too familiar with most of the cast at this point, so I was really excited to see understudies anyway, because I had no idea what to expect! And I was blown away. Seriously! Washington has some of my favorite songs in the show, and Goodman was incredible! His performance is a huge reason why I enjoyed seeing the show so much. I was weeping during his One Last Time. Another name to look out for again!

5. Charissa Hogeland (Veronica, Heathers)

Charissa Hogeland as Veronica Sawyer | Veronica sawyer, Veronica ...

Technically not an understudy because she was replacement Veronica by the time I saw her, but I couldn’t let this post go without mentioning her. Also, it was actually Off-Broadway, but anyway. Hogeland is genuinely one of my all time favorite performers. I was lucky enough to see Heathers four times when it was Off-Broadway. I saw her in her ensemble role twice, and then as Veronica twice. This lady is mega-talented. She can literally do anything. Her voice is incredible. Her acting skills are amazing. Hogeland was most recently an understudy in Frozen, but with her talent, I know as soon as theatre comes back she’ll get cast in something again. And hopefully this time she’ll be a star like she deserves.

Have you ever seen an understudy that exceeded all your expectations? Or maybe they brought a new twist to a role you hadn’t thought of? Leave your comments below. I’d love to hear your favorite understudy stories!

Best Broadway Shows to Stream

The Best Broadway Shows You Can Stream

With Broadway on hold until 2021, it can be hard to enjoy the art form that we love. Luckily, we live in an age where streaming has taken off, and there are actually theatre performances available to watch at any time. So, here are a few of the best Broadway shows you can stream now.

  1. Hamilton
broadway shows you can stream

Where to stream: Disney+

Come on, did you really think I could make this post and not include Hamilton? It’s a modern classic for a reason. Filmed at the Richard Rodgers Theatre and featuring an incredible, ground-breaking score, this show needs no introduction. We all know and love it. And while some of us were lucky enough to see it on Broadway, it’s incredible that now we can watch it over and over again, with the original leads, from the comfort of our own homes. Don’t you love modern technology?

2. Rent

broadway shows you can stream

Where to stream: Amazon, Google Play, YouTube

Long before there was Hamilton, Rent took the theatre world by storm. This famous show started the trend of people camping out overnight to get rush tickets. And while it was made into a movie in 2005 with most of the original cast, I personally prefer this version that was filmed live on stage during the final show of the original Broadway production. If you like the movie, you’ll love getting to see the show as it was meant to be seen, with an all-star cast.

3. Falsettos

broadway shows you can stream

Where to stream: Amazon Prime and BroadwayHD

This 2016 revival of William Finn’s show about a gay man, his former wife, their child and his boyfriend was originally filmed for Live From Lincoln Center, but now you can stream it, too. It’s a wonderful, emotional show with a cast of many beloved actors, like Andrew Rannells, Christian Borle and Stephanie J. Block. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, this is a must-see for sure. And check out BroadwayHD while you’re at it. A streaming service just for theatre? Sign me up!

4. Into the Woods

broadway shows you can stream

Where to stream: Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play

I love Stephen Sondheim. Who doesn’t? Into the Woods is one of his best works, and you can watch the original cast from the comfort of your own home. Being able to watch the legend that is Bernadette Peters is a true gift. And while the movie is enjoyable, again, there is nothing better than seeing a musical performed the way it is supposed to be, especially with such an iconic cast in an iconic show.

5. Oh, Hello on Broadway

broadway shows you can stream

Where to stream: Netflix

Is Oh, Hello a musical? No. Is it still worth seeing? Absolutely! John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are hysterical as their elderly alter egos. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s a unique piece of theatre with an all-star guest appearance. And while it’s much different from the other shows on this list, it’s a must watch for any theatre lover.

Theatre is meant to be seen on a stage, the way it is intended to be. Unfortunately, right now, we can’t do that. So we’ll settle for the next best thing, and stream them on our TVs or computers as we wait for Broadway’s intermission to end.

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