So What’s Next for Me?

I am SO excited. This Saturday, I’m going to see “Hello, Dolly!

I cannot wait. Ever since they announced that Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber were going to be in it, my mom and I knew we HAD to go. My mom has been a Victor Garber fan since she listened to “Godspell” for the first time when she was 13. And Bernadette Peters…I mean, she’s Bernadette Freaking Peters.

I mean, Bette Midler is Bette Midler, and yes, she truly took charge of the stage when she won that Tony. It was incredible, I’m not denying that.

But Bernadette Peters, to me, is everything. It’s just so exciting! I can’t think of the words to say, because I’m just SO EXCITED!

And, of course, Victor Garber. I love “Godspell” too, thanks mom. I don’t love him nearly as much as my mom does, though, but I don’t think anyone does. And Gavin Creel is in it, a man I have had a crush on for quite some time – I had both a “Thoroughly Modern Millie” phase and a “Hair” phase. Although, I just did read that Santino Fontana is going to replace him in March, and if you have read my previous posts, you probably already can tell that I am pretty upset I’ll be missing that. But Creel also did win a Tony for this, which was just so incredible to watch, so I’m still excited.

So Friday morning I will be leaving with my family (and my boyfriend) to head to the city. We’ll hit up my favorite place, Shake Shack, to meet up with my older brother and his girlfriend, and then go our separate ways. My dad and younger brother will go do some stuff I don’t care about, and my mom, my boyfriend and I will GO SEE BERNADETTE PETERS IN “HELLO DOLLY!”

Don’t expect me to be able to post about it afterwards, because seeing her sing “Before the Parade Passes By” will honestly just kill me.

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